The backbone of Taj Clayton is his wonderful wife and children.


"Our community represents the greatest untapped resource in Texas. I'm running to make sure we reach our full potential."

Create Jobs in Our Community – An unwavering focus on job creation is a must. A working community is a productive community. Unemployment in our district is too high and has been that way for too long. Unfortunately, the problem doesn't end there. Every day, many of our neighbors who have jobs commute too far out of the district just to get to work. In the process, they waste money on gas and time on the road that could be spent with their families. We need to create new, high-paying and sustainable jobs right here in our own community. Given the rich resources of our district, jobs should come to us -- not the other way around. We cannot rest until all of our citizens who seek good-paying jobs have them.

Improve Education – The foundation of any viable and successful community is a first-class education system. Much too often, a child’s access to a quality education depends on the wealth of his or her parents. This unfortunate reality is unacceptable. A child's economic circumstances should not prevent him or her from receiving the quality of education that every American deserves. We must level the playing field so that all students can gain access to great schools, colleges, and technical training programs to effectively compete for the best jobs. We must aggressively push for dramatic and systemic education reform. We must promote active and significant investment in the education of all children. When it comes to education, we will not take a backseat and we will not fail our kids.    

Stimulate Business and Economic Development – A thriving business community will provide the economic engine that will drive our district to new levels of prosperity. For years, politicans have bemoaned the lack of economic development in the southern sector and surrounding areas. The time for talking is over. It's time to take full advantage of our location, wealth of human capital, and vastness of physical resources to generate substantial economic development in our community. We must make the necessary investments and conduct the necessary planning to unlock and maximize the tremendous potential of our district.

Promote Ethics and Integrity - Elected public officials work for and on behalf of the American people. As a result, it is essential that they earn the public's trust and confidence. To do so, public servants must operate with the highest standards of ethics and integrity at all times. They must make their actions and decisions as transparent as possible. An ethical and transparent government makes for better governance and a better, stronger nation.